Break-up with strong emotions that are keeping you from your best life.

A powerful series to cut loose those intense emotions that are weighing you down. You can feel great, TODAY!


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Take control of your happiness.

This 5-part series battles some of the toughest emotions to conquer.  In this self-paced series, Rebecca provides insight into how each of these emotions could be creating blocks and keeping you from the life you dream of. Learn how to break up and step forward. Each lesson includes a teaching video, as well as a beautiful and thoughtful worksheet for you to reflect and journal your thoughts and breakthroughs. Access is immediate. This series will challenge you, and may bring up emotions and memories from the past that you will learn to work through. You don’t have to wait to feel good. 
You can start today.  Learn how LOVE can help you navigate feelings of:


Learn how to change thoughts of hatred into something that doesn't block you. 


Feeling like you're not enough? Make friends with fear and start to make a plan for moving forward.


It’s not possible to trade pain for pain... wanting someone to suffer because you are in pain will not make it go away.


Feelings of shame keep you anchored down. Not to mention the emotional and physical strain. It's time to break free and release it.  


Getting trapped in guilt tears down our self-worth and makes us believe that we are not doing enough, giving enough, etc...

It's time to free yourself and live in your truth.

Are you ready to break up with these intense emotions and learn to shift into (LOVE)? I am here to help you gain awareness, shift your mindset, change your thought patterns and stress responses, and use positive, loving language so you can step into your truth. 

Don’t wait another minute to shift your focus and free yourself of these challenging emotions.  You deserve all that you desire. You can live your whole life happy, starting today. Remember, you can do this! You don’t have to do it alone. I am here to support you!



Don't wait to feel better . . . Join NOW.

I can't wait to see you inside! Embrace how good it feels when you don’t get stuck in those emotions anymore. It’ll take some practice. That’s natural. You’re a human. Practice makes better.
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