"Charge what you're worth!"

Everyone keeps saying that,
but it's impossible. Here's why:

You and your gifts and services have INFINITE VALUE. There is simply no way to charge what you are worth. This idea to charge what you are worth is really just a small part of the equation. That's why it can feel so confusing choosing your prices, connecting with potential clients, confidently SAYING those prices out loud, and having your client feel that energy of confidence and self-trust so that they can say YES, pay you, and begin their transformation.

You can get there with


Whether you are just starting or are ready for a major price uplevel, this mindset workshop is for YOU.

Walk away at the end of Day 2 with your pricing...

ready to make a greater impact and create your rich life.

2-Day Intensive
for only

April 24-25th, 2023
8:30am - 2:30pm CST

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2 Power Packed Days of Mindset Work to

Create Your Rich Life.

As an entrepreneur, you are passionate about sharing your gifts.

Now it's time to feel empowered about your pricing and the value you bring to your clients. In this invigorating 2-day workshop, Rebecca will lead us through moments of discovery, activities, learning tools, and teaching. She will not tell you what t0 charge, but will share with you some common offerings of entrepreneurs in the coaching/healing space and guide you to deciding what your prices should be. Get so connected to your gifts and walk away confident in your ability and empowered to take action.

Day 1

Dive into your limiting beliefs around your pricing and the gifts you offer. Identify your blocks, how they show up in your body and how to change to a higher vibration.

  • Welcome and set intention
  • Connecting to your gifts + current offerings
  • Identify blocks + limitations
  • Value of change, growth, + opportunities

Day 2

Now that you've identified your blocks, you can take steps to lock in your vision, uplevel your pricing, and walk confidently into your rich life. You will leave Day 2 ready to take action with your new prices!

  • Pricing strategy
  • Mindset shifts to roll out your new pricing
  • Anchoring your vision
  • Support and accountability


Extend Your Experience.

As an attendee to this 2-day Intensive, you will dive into powerful mindset work and be challenged to make shifts that are in alignment with your goals. I will not tell you what to change. Instead, I will encourage you to look at the big picture of what you want your business and life to look like, and you will feel led to configure your fees to reflect that dream. You really can have the life you want. It's here now. Grow together with a sisterhood of women that are up-leveling their businesses and lives, too!

BONUS! You will be given access to recordings of the LIVE intensive, as well as access to worksheets and miscellaneous collateral to refer to for 90-days.

Your business on a silver platter! Join us NOW for only $97.


Hey Love, I Am Rebecca.

Many years ago - I was in the same place as you (probably) are right now. 

I was overworked, underpaid and burned out as a hypnotist and coach. (I was practically working for FREE!) 

I was terrified of raising my rates - because I was afraid my clients wouldn’t get enough value and they’d leave me a bad review. 

But I was determined. I kept over-giving, overextending myself and never asking for anything – in the hopes that someone would SEE how amazing I was and give me what I had been too resistant to receiving. 

At one point, I found myself with just $436 in my account - and I decided:  ENOUGH! I was done with this BS and I was ready for a new way of living!

Using the strategies I am talking about in this workshop - I went from having $436 to making $50,000, $100,000, $250,000+, and on track for $1m working three days a week as a hypnotist and coach.

Over the last 18 years, I've coached thousands of women around emotional freedom, worthiness, and confidence. The common thread they all have is that when those pieces are out of alignment, so is their money.

I've studied how to release fears and self-imposed limitations for my entire career. I've learned how they are connected and how they can be unraveled to help us find the freedom AND the path to the rich life we seek!


  • You’re constantly fighting your mind - and can’t even focus on what you want. You feel scattered all the time - even after many cups of coffee!
  • You feel confused + stuck - and don’t know where to go next! You wish you had the clarity to get shit done!
  • You’ve been looking for happiness in all the wrong places - and you’re upset that you haven’t found it yet. 
  • You know you’re meant to do big things in the world - but you struggle to take that first step and put yourself out there.
  • You don’t feel worthy of making large stacks of cash - even though you want to!
  • You’re working too hard to make things happen - but not seeing enough results.
  • You keep beating yourself up and comparing yourself with others - and you’re exhausted by your inner critic.


  • You’re in partnership with your mind - and it’s helping you focus on what you want to create.
  • You experience total clarity - and always know what to do next and how to create the momentum you want. 
  • You’re in tune with your body - and you can catch yourself when you slip into old patterns that don’t serve you. 
  • You give your mind + body what you need to feel happy - and you’re not waiting for any external conditions to be satisfied!
  • You’re showing up and giving your gifts to the world!
  • You’re allowing yourself to receive compensation (and praise!) for the amazing work you do - in greater and greater amounts!
  • You find yourself flowing with life - and you feel the Universe sending miracles + synchronicities to make everything easier for you.

Your time is right NOW. Take action!