Does This Sound Familiar?

All your life, you’ve known that you’re gifted. 

You’re spiritual, sensitive, empathic and generous. 

You’ve always cared (a little too) deeply for people, planet and even animals!

You know you’re here to help. You know you have things to teach the world. 

And you love it! You love to help.

  • You love seeing people opening up to you. 
  • You love watching them transform in front of your eyes. 
  • You love showing them a different perspective. 
  • You absolutely rejoice at the prospect of helping someone with gifts that come so naturally to you. 
  • There’s nothing else you’d rather do with your time on earth!

Yet, you’re not experiencing success at the level you want to. And you can’t figure out why.

When you’re lying in bed at 2AM - you find yourself wondering: “What the hell am I doing wrong?”

Despite the fact that you have the *intention* to support more people and receive some of that divine compensation ($$) for it - it’s just not working.

You’re not reaching enough people.

You’re not bringing in enough income.

You’re not sharing your gifts as much as you want to. 

And you’re frustrated about that!

You often beat up on yourself...because you know you’re meant to be further along by now. 

And it’s not like you’re not trying to get out there enough - in fact, you’re probably trying too hard (to the point of exhaustion). 

And that’s still not enough.

You feel guilty and ashamed - because you know your potential is unlimited. 

And yet, your bank account is looking wayyyy too limited. 

If that sounds like you - I want you to know: you’re not alone!

You're not alone - and it's not your fault.

For thousands of years, women have been conditioned to believe that they don’t have a place in creating wealth for their families. It wasn't until the last 50 years that women were trusted with their own bank accounts, mortgages and credit cards.

No wonder we don't feel confident around money.
And it that's not enough, for many generations women have been taught to take a backseat, “play nice” and… 

  • Give, give, give – but never ask for anything in return
  • Never rock the boat 
  • Be seen and not heard
  • Stay away from the spotlight
  • Never outshine anyone else
  • Be demure, feminine and not outperform their significant other
  • Never brag about their gifts the same time, we have heard:

  • Money is the root of all evil
  • It doesn't grow on trees
  • Some people aren't meant for success
  • Rich people are jerks
  • Spiritual people shouldn't care about money

It’s not a surprise that you as an empathic, caring woman (subconsciously) decided to not receive the wealth you desire - because the last thing you want is to become a “bad, evil or exploitative person” – just for the sake of money. 

Now, it’s time to change these old stories and programs.

YES! I am READY for Extraordinary Wealth!


I strongly believe that money doesn’t change who you are. It just makes you more of who you already are. 

Which means: good people do good things with money. They become kinder, more generous and more helpful - towards more people. 

If that’s something you desire to do - it’s time for you to invite more of that green stuff into your life. 

IMAGINE waking up feeling clear, certain and aligned with your purpose.

  • Imagine being able to decide on next steps, make bolder moves and see real results from your efforts. 
  • Picture yourself starting each day with complete CLARITY, fueling your body, feeding your soul, and feeling at ease!
  • See yourself in a sisterhood full of incredible women who are eager to give you space to shine (or fall apart) anytime you need - without being jealous, awkward, or judgmental. 
  • What if you could tame those uncomfortable emotions or memories that come up within seconds - instead of letting them derail you for weeks, months, or years? 
  • How much faster could you move along if you didn’t waste time waiting to collect #alltheinfo before you go out and serve people?
  •  How would it feel to receive more blessings, miracles, and synchronicities that the Universe has to offer - all day long?

That's what I want for you!

INTRODUCING: Extraordinary Wealth

My signature program + sisterhood for women entrepreneurs who want to share their message, make an impact on the world, and create wealth in every area of their life.

What's Included in the Program

My signature program + sisterhood for women entrepreneurs who want to share their message, make an impact on the world, and create wealth in every area of their life.

2 x MONTHLY LIVE COACHING CALLS with Group Manifesting






What our members are saying about Extraordinary Wealth

Powerful realizations leading to extra $$$!

💗 Sarah Rhea Werner GIRL IN SPACE PODCAST 

"From the very first lesson of this extraordinary course, I began to have powerful realization after powerful realization. And as my mind began to change, my life began to change, too. I've been working on a project that landed me an extra $85,000! It feels like I am dreaming. If you're ready for some serious positive change, I cannot recommend this course enough! Especially valuable are the coaching calls where Rebecca appears live to help you push through limiting beliefs and achieve new levels of understanding about yourself and the larger world."

Increased income during a pandemic!

💗 Stephanie Wilde  

"During this crazy year, I've been able to create MORE income and even launched a new line of jewelry. I would have never imagined myself staying on track and even increasing my income during a pandemic. Thank you for being a constant source of light on my journey."


  • You’re constantly fighting your mind - and can’t even focus on what you want. You feel scattered all the time - even after many cups of coffee!
  • You feel confused + stuck - and don’t know where to go next! You wish you had the clarity to get shit done!
  • You’re overgiving to everyone in your life to the point of depletion!
  • You’ve been looking for happiness in all the wrong places - and you’re upset that you haven’t found it yet. 
  • You know you’re meant to do big things in the world - but you struggle to put yourself out there.
  • You don’t feel worthy of making large stacks of cash - even though you want to!
  • You’re working too hard to make things happen - but not seeing enough results.
  • You stay in relationships that don’t honor you - and continue to tolerate people who overstep your boundaries.  
  • You feel misunderstood or labelled as “weird” by people around you - because they don’t understand your calling!
  • You keep beating yourself up and comparing yourself with others - and you’re exhausted by your inner critic.


  • You’re in partnership with your mind - and it’s helping you focus on what you want to create.
  • You experience total clarity - and always know what to do next and how to create the momentum you want. 
  • You’re in tune with your body - and you can catch yourself when you slip into old patterns that don’t serve you. 
  • You give your mind + body what you need to feel happy - and you’re not waiting for any external conditions to be satisfied!
  • You’re showing up and giving your gifts to the world freely!
  • You’re allowing yourself to receive compensation (and praise!) for the amazing work you do - in greater and greater amounts!
  • You find yourself flowing with life - and you feel the Universe sending miracles + synchronicities to make everything easier for you. 
  • You have standards, priorities and boundaries that you can communicate with ease. 
  • You own your gifts and don’t require other people to “get it”. 
  • You love yourself and your path so much - that you’re not bothered about what others choose to do on their path!

If this sounds like something you want, we'd love to have you in the program!

Full return on investment on the first day!

💗 Erica, Chief Revenue Officer

"Hi Rebecca, I just wanted you to know that the "Start Here" activity has brought so much to the forefront for me that even if that was the only thing I learned, I got a full return on my investment on the first day! I am deepening my relationship with myself every day. Thank you."

Good-bye roadblocks. Hello Passion!

💗 Tracy Fixen

"My experience with Extraordinary Wealth has helped reveal some mental roadblocks that have kept me stuck in my business. I have gained clarity and released past judgments on myself after working through the modules. I'm choosing to take my business in the direction of my passion rather than what I've been told that "I should do" and I'm making more connections than ever before."

What will Extraordinary Wealth do for you?

Extraordinary Wealth has 6 life-changing modules that include 20+ easy-to-follow videos, powerful audios, worksheets, tracking sheets, templates, and more...

All designed to help you get real about the kind of wealth YOU want to call into your life and then identify and release the hidden beliefs that are holding you back from having it.

It’s not just about material wealth either - it’s inviting more joy, pleasure, love, adventures, friendships, impact, and yes, more money too!

Inside the program - we don’t just give you the same old trite advice that says “Just think about what you want and it’ll show up for you”. We actually give you the blueprint, the coaching, and the community to help you create your rich life.

It’s about knowing with super-sharp clarity exactly what you want, why you’re blocking it right now, and then clear the blocks - so you can activate your gifts and go get it!

Here is what you'll experience inside the program.

PREWORK: Wealthy Woman Manifesto

Use our easy-to-follow template for creating your own Wealthy Woman Manifesto. This is where you claim your place in the world as a wealthy woman.

MODULE ONE: The Wealthy Woman Commitment

Create your Wealthy Woman Rituals to bring a sense of sacredness to your existence. You'll use these to begin and end your day with intention, focus, and awareness.

MODULE TWO: The Wealthy Woman Toolkit

You'll learn all the tools to self-coach through difficult moments and self-imposed limitations. You’ll know exactly what to do when limiting beliefs and challenging circumstances show up - in business and life. And you’ll have plenty of practice to make these habits automatic!

MODULE THREE: Embody Your Vision

This is where you become the Wealthy Woman. Looking at your current vision and the vision beyond the vision, what will need to stop, start, or continue? Who will you need to become to achieve your vision? (Don't worry! If you don't know the answers now you will by the end of this module.)

MODULE FOUR: Self Coaching Mastery + Wealthy Woman Habits

This is where you learn how to coach yourself on the spot when you notice that your emotion or energy takes a dip or dive using all of the tools you've learned here. Self-Coaching Mastery will break you out of the pattern of getting into a cycle of days, weeks, or months of feeling uncertain, unclear, or in fear. This makes life so much easier!

MODULE FIVE: Wealthy Woman in Business

This is where you get to fall in love with money and your business. You'll learn to deal with other people's beliefs about money (friends, family, clients). And you'll start handling your own frequency, standards, and boundaries with ease and begin to create your Wealthy Woman legacy.

BONUS!! MODULE SIX: Automatic Abundance

This is where you learn the 4-step system to specifically manifest the desires of your heart. The Automatic Abundance system is designed for you to have fun simply calling in EVERYTHING that you want over and over with clarity and certainty, while enjoying being the woman who has it already.



In addition to the course, you'll have LIFETIME ACCESS
to these
Wealthy Woman Resources:

  • 2x Monthly LIVE Q+A Group Coaching Calls with Group Manifesting
  • Members Only Wealthy Woman Sisterhood Facebook Group
  • EW Coaching Call Vault
  • Lifetime Access + Free Updates on EVERYTHING

You'll Also Receive these POWERFUL BONUSES

Wealthy Woman Audio Meditations – Take a pause and listen to block-breaking audio to help you feel creative and inspired and open to receiving wealth. (Value $297) Included in Extraordinary Wealth

The Ultimate Healing + Manifesting Tool Audio Course – You might be surprised to hear that forgiveness and acceptance are the roots of all healing and manifesting. It's moving from pain back into neutral..and you can go anywhere from here. This is how you get there. (Value $497) Included in Extraordinary Wealth

Wealthy Woman Emotional Freedom Technique Scripts Release beliefs around money that keep you stuck and broke. Over 25 topics to use to retrain your money programs (*not available on its own or anywhere else). (Value $297) Included in Extraordinary Wealth


Listen, I know there are plenty of programs out there that promise you that you’ll make $100,000 in 6 weeks using “manifesting principles”. 

There are also many teachers who use similar principles and strategies - but who can’t create long-term results for their clients.

Why? Because they make their clients work through the materials alone. 

Here's the thing: Women are hard-wired to work together - we like to bounce our energies off each other and vibe. We learn from watching each other’s experiences.

Doing-it-all-by-yourself might seem like the easier option in the short term (and maybe you felt like you had to keep your struggles and wins to yourself) -- but the truth is, if you try to figure out everything on your own, you’ll feel more alone and disconnected.

That’s the last thing you need right now. 

And that’s why: we’ve been mindful about including lifetime access to a community of women who are on the same path as you - who are here to support you. 

Whether you want to step into the spotlight and shine - OR you want a safe space to receive support - we’ve got your back. This community is priceless - and it’s the key to your success. Don’t go it alone - you’ll go much slower that way!

Everything you've ever wanted is available for you – are you ready to claim it?
All you have to do is choose which option is right for you.


6 payments of

  • 2x Monthly LIVE Q+A Group Coaching Calls with Group Manifesting
  • 6 Comprehensive Modules (Including the Automatic Abundance Manifesting System)
  • Step-by-Step Videos, Scripts + Templates
  • Members Only Wealthy Woman Sisterhood Facebook Group
  • EW Coaching Call Vault
  • 3 Wealthy Woman Bonuses
  • Lifetime Access + Free Updates


  • The Ultimate Healing Tool Audio Course

 100% Risk-Free
    Money-Back Guarantee

Get started for just $497

and SAVE

1 payment $2497
you save $485

  • 2x Monthly LIVE Q+A Group Coaching Calls with Group Manifesting
  • 6 Comprehensive Modules (Including the Automatic Abundance Manifesting System)
  • Step-by-Step Videos, Scripts + Templates
  • Members Only Wealthy Woman Sisterhood Facebook Group
  • EW Coaching Call Vault
  • 3 Wealthy Woman Bonuses
  • Lifetime Access + Free Updates


  • The Ultimate Healing Tool Audio Course

 100% Risk-Free
    Money-Back Guarantee

PLUS, You're protected by a zero-risk, money-back guarantee

Your investment is fully protected by a 7-day, risk-free money-back guarantee. I invite you to experience the full program + all calls for 7 days. If you do the work and find that the program isn’t what you were seeking - you may request a refund via email and we’ll process it right away! It’s that simple. *No refund for the VIP Experience. Review the refund policy here.

Super energized + "lucky" too!

💗 Laura McElroy

"Just going to put this out there... I read my manifesto out loud with passion last night before bed. My alarm went off at 4:00 this morning and I jumped out of bed with more energy than I have had in a long time!! BONUS: $3000 unexpectedly showed up for me this week!

"I'm dreaming BIGGER dreams!"

💗 Jessica
Operations Manager

"This course has touched every area of my life in a positive way! I appreciate that I get to keep coming back to this course as often as I desire. If you’re ready to take full control of your life, this course is for you. I’m putting fear in its place and I’m dreaming bigger dreams. My relationships have improved, I’ve made a life giving career change, and we’ve made the life changing decision to relocate our family to a dream location. As a result of this course, I stepped out of my comfort zone and into my BEST life! Thank you!!"

NOTE: This program is NOT for everyone.

This is for you if:

  • You’re sick and tired of standing in your own way!
  • You want to get aligned with your purpose - mentally, emotionally, and spiritually!
  • You want to serve a lot more people - and you’re ready to show up as a leader!
  • You’re willing to take full responsibility for your results. 
  • You’re willing to do the work. I am here to be your guide - but you’re the one who will be putting all the tools into action!
  • You know you’re meant to have it all - wealth, health, love, freedom, joy, security, adventure, and impact. You’re ready to claim that for yourself!
  • You’re willing to find the time 30 minutes a day - so you can experience more fulfillment than ever before!
  • You value diversity + inclusion and actively want to be a part of a safe, supportive community of women from around the world. 


Hey Love, I Am Rebecca.

Many years ago - I was in the same place as you (probably) are right now. 

I was overworked, underpaid and burned out as a hypnotist and coach. (I was practically working for FREE!) 

I was terrified of raising my rates - because I was afraid my clients wouldn’t get enough value and they’d leave me a bad review. 

My love life was a disaster - I dated the WORST men, I had SO much trouble receiving and I was trying to “prove my value by over-giving”. So, of course, I only attracted men who want to take, take, take and never give anything to me.

But I was determined. I kept over-giving, overextending myself and never asking for anything – in the hopes that someone would SEE how amazing I was and give me what I had been too resistant to receiving. 

At one point, I found myself with just $436 in my account - and I decided:  ENOUGH! I was done with this BS and I was ready for a new way of living!

Using the strategies I am talking about in this program - I went from having $436 to making $50,000, $100,000, $250,000+, and on track for $1m working 6-8 days a month as a hypnotist and coach (AND manifested the partner of my dreams 💗).

Over the last 19 years, I've coached thousands of women around emotional freedom, worthiness, and confidence. The common thread they all have is that when those pieces are out of alignment, so is their money.

I've studied how to release fears and self-imposed limitations for my entire career. I've learned how they are connected and how they can be unraveled to help us find the freedom AND the path to the rich life we seek!

I've combined the very best of what I've learned into Extraordinary Wealth
just for you.

Extraordinary Wealth is my signature program for women entrepreneurs just like you who want to share your message, make an impact on the world, and feel abundance in every area of your life.

It's designed to be easy, swift, and is going to help you accelerate your wealth patterns.

I'll be there loving and supporting you on your path. I'm often found in the Facebook group answering questions and doing surprise live calls.

This isn't just a business for me, it's my drive and passion to help you live your dream life with freedom and ease.

I do this by helping you take control of your thoughts, bust through self-imposed limitations, and take action so that you don't have to wait around for someone else to save you.

Why am I doing this???

Financially healthy women are the foundation of financially healthy families and communities...and I want to help as many women as possible! Working one-on-one limits the number of women I can reach, which is why building this community has become my passion and cause!

I want you to integrate these techniques into your DNA so that you can truly thrive and be a part of a ripple of women making a positive impact in the world. (Goosebumps!)

This takes strategy AND heart...and I’ve got both. I’m the money mindset mentor you’ve been praying for who actually gets the needs of your heart and your need to align your business with your heart and values. I’ve lost count of the number of clients who have told me that they prayed for the best mentor to help them... and I showed up in their world. It’s no coincidence that our paths have crossed at this moment in time.

If you’re ready to experience a new way of BEING around wealth, I would love to have you in this program.

Frequently Asked Questions...

You'll need about an hour a week for 8-12 weeks to complete the modules (doing it imperfectly). The practices that you learn will take you about 15-30 minutes a day. You can cut out a half-hour a day to create the life of your dreams, right? You can spend more time if you want to!

While the majority of my clients are entrepreneurs, you do not need to have your own business. You may feel called to create something on your own, and you'll learn how to set your values and standards for that vision. In fact, if you haven't started your business yet this is the perfect place to start. You'll get a huge head start right out of the gate.

The live calls are on the First and Third Tuesday of each month at 12:00 pm Central in the Extraordinary Wealth Member Facebook group. These are always recorded and immediately available for replay on the member site so that you never have to worry about missing anything.

The entire program is available via a website and app so you can use your computer or your smartphone to access everything.

The content is released all at once and you will have lifetime access to the content to catch up, go back to, or master. The content was designed to be easy for you to go through weekly so you have time to fully implement each step.

Yes, you can ask questions and coach with me on the live calls in the Facebook group. And all of the past recordings are in the Coaching Call Vault for you to access anytime you like.

Turn limiting thoughts into loving truth!

💗 Charie Jackson Behavior Specialist + App Developer 

"Rebecca, I love you. You are a light in this world. You always know how to get to the root of the fear and help me work it out. I have turned so many limiting thoughts into loving truths about myself. I can really feel the shift and I know my next level is here. I am designing my own app! Thank you."

Personal empowerment is one of my core values so learning new techniques that support my growth and evolution feels good for me.

💗 Mel Vickers Transformational Coach/Energy Healer

"I understand the world energetically, and I have shifted my energetic experience from exhaustion, depletion and deficit into flow, ease and abundance. My desire now is to shift or transform the thoughts, beliefs and conditioning that keep me from experiencing abundance in the physical, to attract wealth on all levels and tap into/live from the limitless potential that is our birthright.

'Extraordinary Wealth' is bringing into conscious awareness the limited beliefs I hold around scarcity of time and money, and what I believe that to mean for me personally. It is inviting me to step more and more fully into my worth. It is teaching me techniques and tools that enable me to release fear and scarcity mindset in order to choose more empowered thoughts and create new beliefs that support my journey to abundance.

I particularly loved learning EFT, a practice to help release blockages held within the body. I love it even more when I can share these practices with my children: my son for his anxiety and my daughter for her self worth. Recently I was able to help my son reduce his fear of going to the dentist from 10/10 to 3/10, which is life changing. I'm so grateful for this beautiful gift. I'm so grateful to Rebecca for guiding me to accessing expansion, freedom and wealth with grace and ease."

If you’re serious about creating a rich life, without wasting more time or compromising your values, the decision is crystal clear.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the 2x monthly LIVE Q + A Coaching Calls with Group Manifesting
  • Your step-by-step framework for growing YOUR Wealthy Woman Mindset that meets you EXACTLY where you are and guides you through every milestone you need for success
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to Extraordinary Wealth including detailed training for every possible block you might uncover - videos, audios, tracking sheets, scripts, cheat sheets, and guides, and ANY UPDATES
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the Members Only Wealthy Woman Sisterhood Facebook Community for support, growth, networking, and sharing your wins
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to Rebecca's Group Coaching Call Vault
  • 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Listen to your heart - the decision you make in the next few moments is truly life-altering for you. 

Take a breath. Hand on heart.

Is this the moment when you stop longing and hoping for the money switch to flip by itself while you stay on the same old rollercoaster doing the same old thing while wishing for a different result?

Or are you going to take matters into your own hands and show yourself and everyone else what real abundance looks like?  

It’s time to accept that you don’t need another magic pill. You need a PLAN, a step-by-step framework that meets you where you are and leads you to the abundance, love, and joy that you know is meant for you.

Decide right now, are you gonna stay stuck and uncertain, spinning in the distraction of chasing the next quick fix?

Or are you going to stand up for yourself, and admit that when you get your mind right and onboard you are unstoppable. And that you're ready to create lasting results with a system and framework filled with tools you can use over and over through your lifetime of uplevels.

And that’s why it’s time to partner with a mentor who has already mapped out a powerful framework for you and will be there with you for the long term. Take a deep breath and get started.  

Remember what brought you to this page in the first place. You can set that feeling aside and fill yourself with the fuel of real hope.

And you can choose, right now, to be part of the Extraordinary Wealth. We are here to support you, show you what it's like to feel fully supported and uplifted to your next uplevel. Everything you need is already here, now the only thing that is missing is YOU. Hurry up and join us so that you can get in on our next live coaching call. :-)

P.S. - Yes, it’s an investment, and I can guarantee that you’re going to spend a lot more than the cost of Extraordinary Wealth in expensive mistakes, time wasted and trial and error. Joining EW to avoid all that lost time and effort is the smart decision.  

P.P.S. - On the subject of guarantees, you get a full 7 days to go deep into Extraordinary Wealth. If you do your best and it doesn’t do everything I say and more, then you can request a refund. That simple. Review the refund policy here.

P.P.P.S. - Do you need a little help and encouragement in this decision? I understand no one program can meet everyone's needs. You can send me a message or book a Clarity Call here. If it's not right for you, I'll point you in the right direction. xo, Rebecca